Anti Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings are designed to reduce surface glare, increase substrate transmission and brightness and offer better contrast definition by reducing surface reflections over a specific wavelength range.

Anti Reflection coatings are useful for optimizing light transmission for single or multiple wavelengths, in order to enhance imaging potential and drive maximum performance in the optical system. Ghost images and multiple reflections can be minimized or potentially eliminated by including Anti Reflection coatings on your precision optical lenses.


  • All of our Anti Reflection coatings (narrowband, broadband, and dual-band) can be applied to glass or plastic substrates
  • We can coat customer-supplied glass and plastic optics or fabricate from our existing stock of anti-reflective coated glass to meet your custom requirements
  • Large format Anti Reflective-coated glass readily available (coated on both low iron glass or soda-lime glass) in sizes up to 118” x 75” in thicknesses ranging from 0.08” – ½”
  • Contrast enhancement for sharp, clear graphics and text
  • Standard broadband Anti Reflection reduces surface reflection from 4% to less than 0.5%
  • Can be used in conjunction with conductive ITO coatings, bus bars, UV rejection coatings and surface enhancement coatings (index matching available)
  • Can be custom designed to meet your wavelength requirements
  • Anti-Smudge coating can be applied over Anti Reflection to reduce “fingerprinting”
  • Hydrophobic topcoat can be applied to eliminate moisture buildup