Spectra Plus AR Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings are designed to reduce surface glare, increase substrate transmission and brightness and offer better contrast definition by reducing surface reflections over a specific wavelength range.

SPECTRAPLUS is our Hard Coated Anti-Reflective Coating for all types of plastic lenses. It is most important that when applying a multi layer Anti-Reflective Coating to plastic lenses, a good solid base should first be applied.

Specifications include a unique Hard Coat formula which when applied to your lenses gives that solid base required ready to receive our multi layer Anti-Reflective coating.Spectrum Coatings team of highly experienced technicians have invested both time and money into developing SPECTRAPLUS a solution for modern thinner and higher index lenses.

Generally lenses are manufactured with a hard coating lacquer on both surfaces and in the past coating companies have removed the Hard Coating from the back surface leaving the lens exposed, Anti-Reflective coatings are then applied the result more often than not were that lens application failed. Our SPECTRAPLUS process is revolutionary in that it completely removes all original lacquers. We then apply a coating of a lacquer developed exclusively by Spectrum Coatings Ltd using a formula of solutions created by our highly qualified technicians.

The lacquer designed by our technicians will match all mid index lenses from 1.5 to 1.67.

On occasion Newton Rings may well show through certain High Index lenses however our lacquer will minimise this common fault.

It is important to note that our process is used on uncut lenses only.

All enquiries are welcomed and further information can be obtained from our Technical Department by telephone on 0161 203 9000.