Lens Surfacing

Our surfacing lab is fully integrated to our computer system, enabling us to both minimize the possibility of human error and allow full track and trace facilities.

We offer a FREE full lens optimization package on all orders where an accurate lens shape is provided. All shape data is entered to our computer and calculations are passed on to our generators.

We use state of the art Loh blocking technologies which uses cameras connected to the computer system to ensure accurate centration of every lens, if it is not centered correctly we cannot block it!

Key Benefits

  • Free Lens Optimization
  • Computer Controlled Centration = Consistent accuracy
  • Competitive prices
  • Orders can be received by fax, phone, post or email.
We could write an essay on our Lens Glazing and Surfacing, however we have found a video that best tells the process, the best thing to do is get in touch with us so we can explain our way and give you a better picture of how we operate for all our clients all over the UK.